Tuesday, 30 July 2013


1 missisipy damn i only got two,i got sum nice women but i only want u,hv sum nice kids and u kno we'll break thru,thru all arguement dat ppl call healthy,well if its healthy y do most couple break up like oh so many,im tired of fallin out so i fight so much,hving my woman i kno she'd b my only dove,we all go thru hard times but dnt cry as much as rain,i jus wanna say i dnt mean to bring ppl pain,my wife wud hv gone thru dat with da bearing of our child,but hey das wat we get for goin thru da wicked and wild,ok we all seem to know life is nt always great,but we all go thru it cos we keep up da faith,sum ppl wana say im gna commit sucide,y wud u say it cos is it for us to decide,we hv to say to ourselves is it tkin away pain,stressin others nw das selfish and ders no gain.

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